Our home

The Maison de l'Espéranse is an establishment that receives public-type ERP4.

Comprising three levels our premises include:

  • A welcome lobby and a library space in partnership with the editing house Vie et Santé (Life and Well-Being) on the main level.
  • The -1 level is reserved for our administration
  • The -2 level with 4 rooms and an exhibition hall

These different rooms are used by different christian communities as well as for cultural and social activities. The spaces can be made available for events that underline the value and influence of the Bible in different fields, which may include: literature. history, music, archaeology etc.


  • Room Emeraude
  • The biggest room in the Maison de l’Espérance.
    A surface area at 136 m2, it has 126 confortable theater seats.
    Equipped with a light ramp, a baby grand piano and an efficient
    sound system.

  • Room Turquoise
  • Includes 104 theater seats and has a surface area at 94 m2 it's the second biggest room of the center, floor slightly on a slope (amphitheater).

  • Room Opaline
  • Can fit up to 40 seats (53 m2), it’s a multipurpose, adjustable room.

  • Room Amande
  • Accessible from the level -2 it can fit up to 19 seats (20 m2).

  • Exhibition Hall
  • A surface area of 105 m2, this space can receive about 60 people

We make available :
Free Wi-Fi in the center
A water fountain in the -2 level
A nursery in the -2 level