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New website

New website

La Maison de l’Espérance has a web site trilingual: English, French and Spanish.

With our desire to reinforce the information on ours activities and  operations, La Maison de l’Espérance has developed an ergonomic site offering faster and easier access to essential information in three languagues.

The web site, with a resolutely modern design, is organized in six parts: About, Events, Prayer Requests, Online Resources, Around the Neighborhood et contact us.

It provides on each page contextual information simplifying the visit of the internet user. You can now to have easily access the three languages ​​by clicking on the small icon flag.

Finally, the new web site has new features such as a photo gallery and videos, access details to La Maison de l’Espérance via “Google map” and the possibility to register online for all our activities.

Watch us on Youtube

Watch us on Youtube

So it begins ! Maison de l’Esperance launches a Youtube Channel “MAISON DE L’ESPERANCE”

Maison de l’Esperance acknowledges the importance of integrating contents for social media. It is our goal to foster an ongoing dialogue between YouTubers, providing them the support they may need to know us and our different events.

You will find conferences recorded during the exhibit ” the Bible, Heritage of mankind”, our events’teaser… Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will record and post thoughts in live during the Prayer Stop.

We will be regularly adding new videos. Anyway, feel free to leave a comment and if you like it, please subscribe !

Discover our first video recorded during the Prayer Stop  “You don’t need to walk alone”

Just for you : On Time

Just for you : On Time

There is no question that time is of great importance today.

In some countries the old saying “time is money” has become a lifestyle because every minute can be translated into a particular currency. We must be on time lest we loose our jobs or be denied an interview, we must be on time or we’ll miss the bus, the train or the plane, we must be on time for fear that we’ll have to wait even longer for that important document. Let’s face it, being on time is an integral part of daily life.


The bible says that God was also on time “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman” (Galatians 4:4) and “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly” (Romans 5:6).


What a wonderful reminder that God has always been on time at the crucial moments of history.

The two greatest moments are clearly depicted here, when Jesus came and when He died. If God has been on time for those two pivotal events, we can be sure that He has been “on time” in our lives and that He has given us exactly what we needed at exactly the “right time” because he loves us and we are important to him.


It gets even better! God wants to remind us that if we stay close to him the pattern will continue in the future. That’s why every week God invites us to a weekly appointment, the Sabbath. He invites us into the Sabbath rest because he knows we desperately need to be saved from the “rat race” of our daily lives, from the “I can do everything on my own” mentality. He comes every week, on the Sabbath, on time to deliver us and to assure us that everything is under His control.

What an awesome, loving and punctual God.

“The Bible Heritage of Mankind”

“The Bible Heritage of Mankind”

From March 23rd to April 12th, Maison de l’Espérance presents the Bible Exhibit entitled “The Bible Heritage of Mankind”
The exhibit will attempt to show this book’s place in History and Culture and how it has survived ; how it accurately describes past events and future events; and what this unique book’s message is.

During your visit, you’ll want to look for the following important objects : three bibles dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th century.

It is an incredible chance to see them outside of a museum !
· Latin Bible, gothic, incunable version of Lyra, Bâle, 1498
· Bible in german, Luther version, Wittemberg, 1539-1558
· New Testament, version Sacy, Mons, 1668

During the dates of the Exhibit, Maison de l’Espérance offers a wonderful program
(only in French, translation is possible)
Tuesday March 21st : Conference “From Cappadocia to Istanbul”.
Thursday March 23rd : Conference “Saint-Paul and Greece”
Friday March 24th : Just* pour toi
Saturday March 25th : Opening reception followed by a conference “Tales of the past, symbols of today” and a concert with Judith Flessel, Jean-Marc Reyno, Jean-Marc Lerigab and Eddy Benoit (Piano)
Tuesday March 28th : Conference “The eagle of Patmos, what’s left from the seven churches of the apocalypse”.
Saturday April 1st : Ciné-debate “A vow to be cherished” post-discussion with Marc Lange, Psychologist and Ruben Elisée, Doctor in Genetics.
Tuesday April 4th : Conference “The input of the Bible in the French Society”
Thursday April 6th : Conference “When technology precedes prophecy or how the diffusion of the Bible has influenced our modern world”

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